Crcl App Launches February 2018

February 20, 2018

Crcl (pronounced “circle”) has been different from the start. Founder, Chas Pulido, formed the idea for Crcl following his senior year of high school, just over two years ago. 

The journey began in March of 2015 when Chas discovered a lump in his upper arm that was later identified as a tumor. Chas experienced a mortality check at a young age, and suddenly was met with many uncertainties. Luckily, after months of monitoring, the tumor was ruled benign; the lessons he learned, however, are still with him. Following his experience, Chas gained a new understanding for the importance and value of time. He wanted to ensure that other people have positive experiences with the time they have, and not waste it. With that vision in mind, Chas began searching.

Chas and a team conducted a company analysis of Yelp. He recognized several flaws in their platform: a lack of trust between users, no incentive to review following an experience, review biases, and the absence of a social community. Chas envisioned Crcl as a solution to these problems. 

Crcl is a recommendation platform at heart, but it goes far beyond just providing reviews. Crcl aims to cater to your preferences through its unique crowdsourcing feature that centers around affinity groups. By offering dedicated forums for users to connect and post about the activities they love, Crcl helps provide reviews like never before. Crcl combines improved individual profiles and a proprietary rating system to create an engaging social community. Whether you want to go out to eat, see a movie, or go for a hike, Crcl helps you find the best option. It empowers people to go out into the world and experience the things they love. Our goal is to offer a platform that caters to individual interests, is user friendly, visually appealing, and quick to use.

The mission of Crcl is to foster a community built around people, places, and knowledge. By creating a platform centered around the user, Crcl aspires to facilitate recommendations of the highest quality, connect users to positive experiences, and promote the growth of businesses. 

At 18 years old, Chas stepped foot onto the University of Notre Dame’s campus determined to find a team to make his dream possible. 

As the concept continued to develop, the Crcl team grew quickly. Chas recruited fellow Notre Dame students who share their passion and want to make a difference. Crcl is built around the tagline “Do What You Love”. According to founder Chas Pulido, “By each of us pursuing our passions, we empower our users to do the same. This passion drives us every day and is what brought us together. It is a special thing to be able to say you do what you love, with the people you love”. Today, Crcl Inc. is comprised of 10 members that make up its three teams: Growth Science, Marketing, and Product Development.

We are proud to say now that after a couple years, our team of full-time college students has taken this project from ideation to launch. Over the past few months, our concept has been refined and validated through testing and focus groups. The team is finalizing development and looking forward to sharing Crcl with the world in February 2018.

The Crcl team is currently in the fundraising process, seeking resources from both Venture Capitalists and Angels.

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