Cheating Hearts: Private Detectives Tell Tales of Unfaithful Partners

February 12, 2018

“Sue” came to Empire Investigations from out of state with growing suspicions concerning her husband, who was a divorce attorney, and his strange behaviors. He had become very distant, lost interest in being intimate with her and was frequently working late. She shared how the emotional distance and disengagement coincided with her ongoing battle with cancer. She was extremely concerned with hiring us considering 1) her husband was a divorce attorney and therefore had extensive knowledge and experience in how to skirt these situations and 2) she'd heard dozens of stories from others concerning private detectives they had hired through the years and was afraid of an investigator being caught and doing more harm than good.

 In our initial assessment of her situation, “Sue” disclosed a pivotal piece of information to us; when her husband hired PI’s, he routinely used teams of no more than two investigators in his business activities. This information gave us the base to begin assembling our plan of action, now knowing what “Sue’s” husband would expect and notice from an investigative team. After thoroughly considering the situation, our first strategy was to think bigger than the divorce attorney husband. We had to outthink and out-strategize someone with regular experience in these situations. This had the potential to turn into a classic spy vs. spy situation and within hours, Empire Investigation’s top team of investigators was on a flight to the Sunshine State of Florida.

  We assigned six of our best investigators to the case and began our surveillance. Initially our team was challenged because of his high-speed driving tendencies. Working through the intricacies of an investigation is never the same for two cases no matter how many years you do it. There’s always a new angle, unique details and new undercover methods our investigators have to utilize and create in order to be successful. In this case, one of our female agents was undercover outside a gated community sunbathing, using that cover to instruct surveillance teams of crucial and valuable visible information. Our identity was never compromised by our target and after following him for countless hours he ended up at an unknown condominium.

 We set up our professional surveillance van equipped for TV remote broadcast and ran continuous videos throughout the night and our target never left the condo. The next morning, in his underwear, he went out to get the newspaper.  Later he was photographed embracing and passionately kissing another woman in the condo doorway. After extensive research and analysis of records we learned the woman was in fact a client of his at his law firm. This was all the leverage Empire needed to expedite the case, avoid court hearings and long drawn out fees associated with litigation. The case was negotiated out of court and resolved within 48 hours, providing “Sue” with 100% everything she had asked for in the settlement.

 Going through a complex divorce can be one of the most trying times in your life. You don’t know what the future holds but you know the inevitable train is coming and you’re standing in the middle of the tracks simply waiting for it to hit. This is why it’s so important to surround yourself with the best and leave it to the professionals to get the proof YOU need for your case.

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