An Advisor And Broker On The Rise

August 12, 2016

Kirk J Gill is a rising financial advisor in Tucson, Arizona and has been celebrated by many of his customers. He is licensed in more than 18 territories in the United States and counting because Gill wants to share his knowledge with the country. As an adviser, Gill has been providing vital information to clients about securities regarding their investments. This young financial guru has also managed large investment portfolios without breaking a sweat, which has made him one of Tucson's most coveted financial advisors.  Gill is also a broker, which seemed like a natural skill to attain since he works with investments. The young advisor wanted to provide more than just suggestions, and becoming a broker-dealer gave him that opportunity. He has been selling stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other financial investment packages for his clients. This is something that has been proven to be quite successful. Many of his clients are more than happy with his keen eye on the...

AerWaze Technologies Help Can Avert Drone Aviation Disasters

August 09, 2016

With the seasonal outbreak of wildfires across western states and particularly in southern California, the issue of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones interfering with life-saving emergency flight operations has again come to the forefront.  Already this year, drones have hampered firefighting operations in California, Nevada, and Utah.  Speaking on the recent San Gabriel fires, the U.S. Forest Service said, “When drones interfere with firefighting efforts, a wildfire has the potential to grow larger and cause more damage.”  Last year, five drones were sighted over the San Bernardino/I-15 wild fire, several drones hovered around a Cajon Pass blaze, and a large drone was observed over the Lake Fire.  In each case, firefighting aircraft were diverted or grounded because of the drones.  Speaking last Friday at the Santa Maria Air Tanker Base, a U.S. Forest Service pilot said, "That presents a hazard for us because we don't know what the...

The New Ms. America® Will Be Crowned in California, September 3rd

August 10, 2016

The Ms. America® Pageant is proud to announce that 45 Contestants from all over the United States will be competing for the coveted title of Ms. America® on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at Curtis Theater in Brea, CA. LIVE Streaming of the pageant will be on Alert the Globe at 7:30 pm (PST) at . The Ms. America® Pageant is for women 26 years of age and up who are single, divorced, married, widowed, with or without children. The pageant is based on four areas of competition: Evening Gown,Interview, Sportswear and Finalist On-Stage Question that are each worth 25% of their total score. Contestants are to have a Platform or Cause that they believe in and would like to use their title and "crown for a purpose" to make a difference. This year the Contestants and National Titleholders have together made over 700 appearances which contributed to over 2000 volunteer service hours. This year for the first time in the history...

Marcus Hiles Dallas Real Estate Authority Offers Affordable, Elegant Housing

August 09, 2016

Founder and CEO of Western Rim Property Services, based company has a longstanding reputation as a pioneer for bringing luxury housing to the rental market. Throughout the state of Texas, young professionals and growing families alike look to for his elegantly designed and environmentally inventive properties located in breathtaking settings and complete with resort style amenities. Hiles builds affordable luxury communities where residents enjoy the highest quality of living, in areas that Western Rim calls, “The Best Place in the City.” based company, Western Rim, has made thousands of properties available to renters across the Lone Star state that are a testament to the company’s goal of creating the finest housing options in prime locations at the lowest possible cost. Hiles’ vision of offering lavish properties at a reasonable price is accomplished without cutting corners, as apartments are constructed with superior standards and utilizing premium...

The Decline of the West: Pope v Obama and Their Ideologies in Daniel 11

August 10, 2016

Dennis Prager shows Islamic terrorism doesn't come from economics; it comes from bad theology, but Obama doesn’t see it, perhaps because of his Marxist and Muslim background. (, 8-9-16) Prager praises Judeo-Christian concepts as producing the most moral societies in world history, and he noted the pope’s failure to see this. The reason is that the pope does not truly represent Judeo-Christian concepts, says Dr. Richard Ruhling, author on Bible prophecy, offering the following viewpoint. If the pope represented authentic Christianity, Latin America (colonized by priests at the same time Protestants fled the papacy to America for freedom) should have prospered as America has, but those countries stand in stark contrast--they all want to come here for prosperity. But since Reagan appointed an ambassador to the Vatican and opened our borders we are seeing a transition shown in Daniel, the only book Christ recommended when asked about the end...

Russell Gunn's masterpiece "The Sirius Mystery" officially released

August 12, 2016

The highly anticipated release of the new Russell Gunn musical masterpiece "The Sirius Mystery" is now official.  What is already considered to be a game changer on the strength of the first single "Sirius B (the unseen absolute)", "The Sirius Mystery" as a complete suite, delivers pure creative magic. Gunn Fu (as Russell Gunn is affectionately known) delivers a brilliant musical portrait of the mysteries of Dogon Mythology. An Epic modern and ancient work of music by Russell Gunn. “Russell Gunn’s inimitable conception of music is a diasporic crucible of ancestral intent.”?-Mtafuta Ukweli Russell Gunn’s new recording “The Sirius Mystery” is a progressive, dynamic and compelling four part master...

Composer Releases Music for Trump Campaign.

August 10, 2016

UK music producer, Simon Power has given full permission for his latest download to be used on the Donald Trump presidential campaign rallies. The track, which was composed with the Republican candidate in mind, is called ‘To Be Americans’ and features explosions, gunfire & police sirens under a voice recording that repeats ‘how proud we are to be Americans’. “Lots of bands have been outraged when Trump uses their music on his rallies,” says Power, “so I thought I would compose something just for him.” Under the name Dream Valley Music, Power composes tracks for games, films, radio & TV with music appearing on Google’s Red Ball 4, Olympic Games videos and even the latest Audi Quattro commercial. “The thing is,” admits Power, “I don’t think they will choose to use the track as it portrays an apocalyptic vision of what America could become if Trump were to be elected.”

DiMora Vicci 6.2 Headed to Concorso Italiano

August 09, 2016

DiMora Motorcar will be displaying the DiMora Vicci 6.2 Emperor Convertible next to the Highline Autos Pavilion at the exotic Concorso Italiano event in Seaside, California on Saturday, August 20th, 2016 (1 McClure Way, Seaside). Spectators attending the annual automotive event will have an opportunity to view the hand-built automobile and meet DiMora Motorcar company founder and car designer, Sir Alfred J. DiMora. Each of the twenty-five cars in the limited edition DiMora Vicci 6.2 Emperor series feature original artwork by Zen Master Lee Sun-Don in the Great Treasure Gate collection.  “We have been very selective with every aspect of building the Vicci 6.2 from choosing where to strategically place the 24-karat gold inlay to designing the custom wheels, so when it came time to choose the first artist series collaboration, not just any artist would do,” said DiMora. “Although designing luxury automobiles is where my true passion is, I’ve...

Prestigious Golf Event at Glen Abbey Golf Club

August 10, 2016

Spend an afternoon on the legendary Glen Abbey golf course surrounded by incredible luxury cars and gourmet food tastings. Enjoy an amazing day of golf including hole-in-one competitions with once in a lifetime prizes. The delicious gourmet cuisine at the on-course stations, provided by Jonathan's, Mye, and Season's, Oakville's finest restaurants, are sure to be a highlight of your day. The event continues into the evening with a cocktail reception and silent auction, followed by an exquisite dinner. The evening features prizes, live entertainment, and dancing under the stars. This annual event is always an enjoyable day for everyone and with the proceeds going to the Canadian Cancer Society, it's a Hole-In-One! for this event as soon as possible, so you don't miss out! To view our site and book your test drive, please visit: . About Budds’ Land Rover Budds’ Imported Cars is a family...


August 10, 2016, a dedicated travel marketplace for pre­booked travel including holidays, flights and hotels, gives people the chance to buy and sell their unwanted travel. Thousands of people on a daily basis pre­book travel to secure the best price, but often these trips cannot be taken due to circumstances out of their control. That’s where comes in. is a listing site that caters for both sellers and buyers; people can sell their unwanted travel for free and buyers can snap up a last minute trip at a fantastic price. The site not only allows buyers to search for their ideal trip but also to get the best deals at discounted rates. With users visiting the site daily to secure their next holiday or booking, seller offers are always at the forefront of the listing site. Simon Powell, founder and CEO of TransferTravel, said: “Since our launch in July, we have seen some great traction, with...

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