Solecta Announces Jim Ford as New Chief Commercial Officer

March 15, 2019

Solecta, a global leader in process membrane technology and solutions, is pleased to announce the hiring of Jim Ford as Chief Commercial Officer.  In this role, Mr. Ford will oversee all customer-facing activities, including client development, marketing, market strategy, product lifecycle management, application engineering, client experience, and business  development. Mr. Ford is recognized as a highly accomplished global business executive and transformative leader who drives his teams to large scale improvements and increases in bottom line performance.  Mike Ahearn, Chairman of the Solecta Board of Directors comments, “Jim has a reputation for successfully leading mission-critical assignments and creating rapid commercial growth in targeted markets.  His leadership style and ability to connect with customers will serve our customers and Solecta well.” Prior to joining Solecta, Jim held distinctive positions with companies such...

Glatt Kosher for Passover Seders At Talia's Steakhouse & Bar, A Manhattan Kosher Restaurant - Chol Hamoed and Yom Tov Meals Are Also Available at Talia's During This Popular Jewish Holiday

March 15, 2019

On Friday April 19 at sundown, Jewish families around the world will take part in the Seder ceremony which marks the beginning of Passover 2019. During the feast, the biblical story of the Jewish people's slavery in Egypt will be retold as people remember how the people of Israel were liberated from Egypt in around 1300 BCE, following ten miraculous plagues. On Seder night, entire families join in the spirit as they remember this momentous event of more than 3300 years ago.   Talia’s Steakhouse and Bar will wow customers again this Passover 2019. For more than sixteen years, Talia’s Steakhouse and Bar in Manhattan has enabled Jewish families in the region to celebrate Passover with their friends and families. During the Jewish Pesach holiday, this popular restaurant at 668 Amsterdam Avenue, between 93rd and 92nd Streets, will serve prepaid Glatt Kosher Passover Seders, Chol HaMoed and Yom Tov Meals.   Since...

Professional Development for Moms!

March 15, 2019

The most important job in the world has received very little professional development, until now.   Mom and professional life coach, Dale Wilsher, has just published a new book, to provide moms with the training, insight, and empowerment needed to parent out of their greatest strengths and embrace their authentic selves. Whether you are a Connecter, Stabilizer, Improver, or Doer mom type you’ll find yourself shouting “Yes!” over and over as you understand the “why” behind what you do and the distinction inherent in your design. Take the Mom Quiz @   Based on the DISC personality model, this book is a practical resource for both the working mom and the stay-at-home mom, in the daily battle against discouragement and comparison, to inspire her to realize her full potential and see herself as God does, in all her wonder and beauty. Quick and easy, yet deep and insightful,  ...

BG Bridal Gallery Unveils Wedding Curation Platform

March 14, 2019

BG Bridal Gallery unveils an online platform that curates wedding blogs through an RSS-style feed. A part of the global corporation NSTBG group of companies, BG Bridal Gallery allows soon-to-weds in the U.S. and globally to discover timely, relevant content on the website. Once they click on a story, they will be redirected to the featured publisher’s domain, so they can read the full article.   BG Bridal Gallery syndicates articles with wedding tips, romantic real weddings, up-to-date wedding inspirations, and even sage advice on life beyond getting married. In particular, couples can browse wedding themes or motifs and venue ideas. Brides can get inspiration on , while grooms can get ideas on engagement rings and suits. They can also find planning do’s and don’ts, anecdotes, and other helpful wedding ideas.   Featuring Credible, High-Authority Wedding Blogs  BG... Launches Complete Line of Brembo Aftermarket Program

March 14, 2019

has launched a Brembo Aftermarket program that saves customers time and money. The company has also added a product line that is new to the North American Aftermarket range.   Automotive parts etailer and distributor,, has announced that it is now a direct and official distributor of Brembo Aftermarket products.   This announcement follows the launch of their complete all makes, all models Brembo Aftermarket program. has extensively developed every set and kit option available with Brembo’s complete aftermarket range. This move is designed to enhance the online shopping experience for consumers with one-click purchases.   Brembo is a global leader in the development and production of braking systems.  As an OE manufacturer, Brembo produces 75 million brake rotors annually, as well as a complete pad and rotor program for the aftermarket.    CEO...

The Condessa Café Announce Informative Website Launch

March 14, 2019

The , the well-regarded café in Brazil have today launched an exciting new website that will offer expert advice on coffee. The website will be a hub of content for coffee lovers with a key focus on its natural stimulant properties and its benefits in today’s multitasking society. The website is an extension of the Condessa Café brand and the idea behind the new site is the importance of coffee culture and its place today where more and more people are working and studying. Not only will the site offer its users informative coffee information, but it will also have several tips and tricks and other categories onsite, . These include Technology, Cooking, and Entrepreneurship. Adding the extra categories was a natural progression and means that visitors are offered a wider range of helpful advice. "We are thrilled to debut our new website to our customers, media, and visitors who are looking to gain knowledge in a variety of areas, with coffee...


March 14, 2019

Has your child has been victimized through sextortion, social media exploitation, sex trafficking or child pornography?The year 2020 will be the most important time in all of history as the entire world is connected by Internet. Over SIX BILLION people will be connected by technology. It will change crime and crime solving forever. IT IS INDEED A SOCIETAL SHIFT.Think about this. A world without borders for our children is also a world without borders for pedophiles, predators, pimps, cartels, gangs and organized criminals. Researchers say that 87% of teens sleep with their phone. That means while you are sleeping bad guys can access your children. Advancing technologies like mass audience live streaming, encrypted chat rooms, block chain, cryptocurrencies and the dark net challenge law enforcement in crime solving and make it challenging for a parent to keep a child safe. A recent study indicated...

New Technology Simplifies Finding Live Salespeople on the Internet

March 14, 2019

Sales technology startup ™ announced today it is developing a solution to answer one of biggest questions of the Internet: why is it so hard to find live salespeople?  The platform enables customers to instantly find and communicate with salespeople. This is especially important for the purchase of expensive or complex goods and services as global e-commerce approaches $4 trillion.“Although e-commerce is now two decades old, in many ways it’s still in its infancy and it’s a very exciting time to be an entrepreneur building the future,” said Lief Larson, co-founder of Salesfolks. “I believe people still prefer to buy from people they know and trust and so we’re designing a tomorrow where sales help is immediately available when you’re researching your next purchase on the Internet.”Salesfolks has partnered with SeedInvest, a leading equity crowdfunding platform providing access to invest in hot startups. It is now possible to invest in Salesfolks...

Simplecast Debuts Its All-New Podcast Distribution and Analytics Platform

March 13, 2019

Simplecast Debuts Its All-New Podcast Distribution and Analytics PlatformSimplecast debuts its all-new podcast distribution and analytics platform to give creators the tools they need to thrive in the exploding audio landscape. The company has also raised a $5 million Series A to continue investing in its platform. When serious creators have serious tools and data, they can invest in their content and expand their audience. This is how creative markets flourish. Podcasting is evolving from an early adopter-driven medium to a global movement, driven by a small group of companies rapidly building tools for creators to thrive. Leading the way, today is launching its new platform, which provides podcasters with: A best-in-class set of discovery tools, from cutting-edge web players to Recast®, which empowers creators and their listeners to easily clip and share customized audiograms of their favorite...

"Good Morning Miss America" by Phyllis Yes Directed by Katie O'Regan - Decorah, Iowa

March 14, 2019

Artist Phyllis Yes has scored a triumph in authoring a play that will resonate with anyone dealing with aging parents, as well as caregivers and friends experiencing this life transition with its attendant dysfunctions and expectations. Phyllis Yes is most known for her recognizable work; a silver 1967 Porsche that she painted pink, covered in lace, and drove across the country as a mobile art piece. Much of her art openly subverts the expected, whether it’s gender roles or physical materials, utilizing lace and sequins alongside objects that are traditionally seen as masculine. This new play is her first, and yet it openly subverts the expected as well.  After a smash opening in Portland, Oregon March 2018 the play's Midwestern premier opens at The Steyer Opera House in Decorah, this newly imagined and newly directed bi-coastal cast will take the stage in Decorah, Iowa April, 18 through April 27, 2019, with five performances over two weekends. Producer...

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