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After The Outbreak Feature Film to premiere in Middletown, NY

May 27, 2016


Galveston Capital of Jakarata Caters to Expatriates

May 28, 2016

Those Under the watchful eye from the so-called Panama Papers have sent shockwaves across the global financial services industry. But it’s not the revelations that have investors gabbing at the water cooler. It’s that the reams of data leaked and disclosed came from sources likely well placed within a law firm. If customer information was leaked from the confines of a tight-lipped attorney’s office, asset managers were aghast about the impact that the leaks would have on consumer confidence in the financial services sector. The increasing scrutiny by regulators of the assets and holdings in the expatriate community has made privacy almost as important as profit for many investors. But while the Panama Papers and other similar disclosures have caught the attention of the mainstream media, ensuring confidential information remains confidential is nothing new for companies like Galveston Wealth. Based in Jakarta, the boutique financial...

New Documentary on Indiegogo Deals with ADHD

May 27, 2016

Are Your ADD? Is the latest independent film project to hit Indiegogo. The documentary is intended to provide awareness about this condition and highlight the importance of diagnosis and treatment. SEATTLE- 2016—It is estimated that close to 10,000,000 people are living with undiagnosed ADHD. This condition is a legitimate medical diagnosis, and one that is often overlooked in adults because of the association with it being a childhood disorder, and the various coping mechanisms that many adults have created to work around their condition. Are You ADD? is a film intended to focus on the condition of ADHD, as well as document the lives of those who live with it.  The documentary is a first-person narrative about the experiences of director Wesley Gray. Gray spent the majority of his life with the condition untreated. The documentary will discuss how Gray...

Stamps Foundation Announces the Eleventh Class of Stamps Scholars

May 30, 2016

This fall, thirty-six partner schools across the country will collectively welcome the 11th class of Stamps Scholars to their campuses. Selected from over 400,000 applications, the freshman class is made up of 209 Scholars with diverse academic interests including biomedical engineering, public policy, medicine, music, and education. Stamps Scholars are chosen for their strong leadership potential, academic merit, and exceptional character. The Foundation supports promising students who are eager to make their contributions to the world and have the work ethic to make their dreams a reality. At most partner schools, the Stamps Scholarship covers all expenses for four years of undergraduate study and also includes a monetary enrichment fund that Scholars can use for their academic and professional development. Other benefits of the Stamps Scholarship include: participation in a national day of service; access to a growing network of scholars and alumni;...

American Monster Guild Presents D3REE "Right Now Right Now"

May 31, 2016

De’Ante Smith, born into a talented family. It is only natural that he was thrust into stardom, but his ambitions and creativity. Starting singing in church, writing poetry, it was only a matter of time when his singing and writing skills would land him in the arms of Hip hop. His lyrical and singing inspirations from Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross, Jamie Foxx, Michael Jackson, Smokie Robinson, Tupac, Run DMC, and Tribe Called Quest to name a few. This talented singer and artist has thrust himself into the mainstream. With a co-sign from West Coast artist The Game under his belt, he has taken off into different arenas. With his release of his hit single " Right Now Right Now", he has proven that he is the next star to come out of the West Coast. This dedicated father and businessman has become a legend in just a matter of time. He pens stories into his rhymes, which fans fan all relate to. D3REE has many goals, but one of his goals is to inspire the youth to stay after...

PCI Wellness Offers a New Way to Detox

May 31, 2016

, a company built on the promotion of healthier living, announces a revolutionary new . While most detoxification products leave you feeling groggy and bloated, naturally drains the internal toxins affecting the organ systems. It is the most potent form of defense against toxic chemicals as it triggers your own natural immune responses and functions. This product restores mental alertness, helps in the relief of urinary issues, and digestive issues such as bloating, nausea, and indigestion. About PCI Wellness PCI Wellness is a full service wellness clinic located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Offering direct access to doctors, each of whom were chosen for their expertise and knowledge.  They allow a wide range of services including  physical therapy, massage, neuromuscular regeneration, aesthetics treatments, acupuncture among many others. PCI Wellness looks forward to servicing the community of Scottsdale and the surrounding area. Visit...

American Monster Guild Presents Jaysmoove "No Breaks"

May 31, 2016

California based rapper JaySmoove is a rare breed. He is everything you want in a Rap star, which is smart, confident, daring and versatile. He is a mixture of street wise boldness and class. JaySmoove is backed by the renowned American Monster Guild. He is equipped with sharp lyrics, a dope delivery and exceptional cadence. Many are describing him as Hip Hop’s emerging artist to watch. The wordsmith is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale Hip Hop landscape. JaySmoove is a certified diamond in a rap world full of Cubic Zirconias. His mission is to get his audience to feel of all of his joy and his pain through the expression of his art. If you listen to his music you can hear and see his life story unfold and it is a story that many can relate to. Moreover, JaySmoove is one of the hardest working emcees on the independent music circuit. He knows how to rock a stage and energize the crowd. He is currently heating up the streets with his single called “No Breaks.”...

The 4 Day Lifestyle Launches a New Product for Internet Marketers

May 27, 2016

4 Day Lifestyle launches a new product for internet marketers. Dutch Conner discovers a new method for generating $1000 every single month online by simply sending 150-word emails. As a matter of fact this entire method has been created for people who want their own profitable internet business. The personally coached students of Dutch Conner have been making almost $100 a day with this method for months now. The students who were lucky enough to get on this month ago have literally been making more than they would from their day jobs from their bedrooms. By simply building 20 minute landing pages from the comfort of their home, the best part is that they could see their first sale arrive just hours after their first landing page is live. With the help of this new method, users can work 60-90 minutes a day and pretty much let the business take care of itself. By just building a few of these 20 minute websites, web creators will be doing more than enough to make a...

OneBillionVegans Launches Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign for Vegans

May 27, 2016

Experts around the world are starting to put a deadline on our planet, where life for humans becomes unsustainable, and that deadline is within most of our lifetimes. The solution is a massive adoption of a plant-based (vegan) diet. Becoming plant-based is like voting for earth to live, and for your children to have a future on it. JamesTheFourth, founder of OneBillionVegans, is on a mission to connect one billion vegan and plant-based individuals, to create the biggest positive global change that has ever been witnessed by mankind by propelling veganism toward critical mass. One Billion Vegans is a world we dream of living in, where 1/7th of the population makes decisions every day that affect the longevity of Earth. OneBillionVegans is working to create an online platform to serve as the number one place to go for vegan people and businesses to connect, collaborate, and manifest plant-based projects, products, and services. This platform will have all the...

Los Angeles Trend Report, Tiny House up for sale

May 31, 2016

Tiny houses are the wave of the future. We are seeing them as vacation rentals, in tv shows, subjects of blogs and on Pinterest.  Less is more. More is expensive. So when Joanna & Ben hit the Los Angeles housing market to shop for their starter home in the most the hip and "up and coming" areas, they were still out of their price range. Far out.  Los Angeles is the land where dreams come true and the American dream of owning a decent sized home in a decent area in Los Angeles could start you at pricepoint of $600,000 or more. "We found the most affordable home in the best area, a place we could entertain, walk and feel safe. With the house being 480sq feet we gave up the junk in our lives so we could enjoy our neighborhood" says Joanna. The couple lived in the tiny house for two and a half years with 3 dogs and as of the summer of 2015, their newborn son. "There was pleanty of...

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