announces the release of smartphoto instant books app

September 25, 2018

Leading European photo printer is first to release a photobook creation app with native AI embedded, developer of AI-powered Photobook Cluster-Curate-Create technology, announces Belgium’s Smartphoto Group N.V. has released a white-label app based on the Albumstory AI-SDK. The smartphoto instant books app is available for both iOS and Android and is integrated with smartphoto’s current CRM, payments and print submissions system.“ is thrilled to partner with one of Europe’s leading photo brands to bring truly mobile photobook creation to their customers,” says Terence Swee, CEO and Founder of  “Albumstory AI doesn’t need the internet to work its magic, so it’s ideal for travelers coming back from their European summer vacations.  Imagine making a photobook of St. Tropez on that budget flight...

National Legal Staffing Support, Providing Legal Teams to Assist Law Firms

September 28, 2018

The average consumer today is well aware of the rights and protections afforded to him by law and government. As such, more and more U.S. citizens are learning how to stand up for their rights and pursue legal action against those who step on their constitutional freedoms. Law firms in this day and age recognize this, as they are currently experiencing large volumes of cases, legal action, and court proceedings that at times, they may not be fully equipped to handle professionally. What is the National Legal Staffing Support? The National Legal Staffing Support is one of the top legal service outsourcing companies in all of the United States and provides law firms with professional paralegal services to aid in the delivery of swift and sound justice. Paralegals or legal assistants, provided by the team are well-versed in the processes and procedures in the court of law and have expert knowledge on the creation and delivery of legal documents. Hiring... announces strategic collaboration with Taopix

September 25, 2018 launches at photokina, powered by Albumstory, developer of AI-powered Photobook Cluster-Curate-Create technology, announces a strategic collaboration with Taopix Ltd. to deeply integrate the Albumstory AI-SDK to the award-winning Taopix photo products creation suite, creating the new platform. The Albumstory AI-SDK gives Taopix instant access to industry-leading AI, computer vision image intelligence and robust face detection, face recognition and face-quality scoring algorithms right out of the box, putting the new platform years ahead from the next alternative.Taopix will launch at photokina Hall 5.1, Aisle A, Stand No. 020."We are excited about this collaboration, as together with Taopix's impressive roster of partners and dedicated engineering and professional services team, we are together democratizing access to the most... launches world's first AI Automatic Photobook Creation SDK for Mobile Platforms

September 25, 2018

Albumstory SDK uses AI to Intelligently Cluster and Curate photos taken on smartphones, then automatically produces photobooks, developer of AI-powered Photobook Cluster-Curate-Create technology, announces the launch of the Albumstory AI-SDK at photokina 2018, Sept. 26-29, in Cologne, Germany.  Albumstory AI-SDK offers app developers and photo gift companies industry-leading imaging AI, computer vision and advanced face-detection, face-recognition and face-quality technologies for their mobile apps on both Android and iOS.  The Albumstory SDK is available for license individually. is also offering selective customers SDK-integration and white-label application development services. Developer partners can choose which portions of the Albumstory AI-SDK to use, based on their own needs. A key distinction of the Albumstory AI-SDK is all the intelligent image processing takes place locally on the mobile...

Scholarship for Nashville School of Law Students Funded by Mitch Grissim & Associates

September 25, 2018

September 18, 2018 -- Mitch Grissim & Associates, a well-known , recently donated to the Community Service Impact Scholarship, which awards three $1,000 scholarships to students attending the Nashville School of Law. With a long reputation for providing quality legal education at an affordable price, the makes it possible for people with a full-time job or other commitments to pursue a law degree. “The Nashville School of Law is an institution that provides affordable legal education for individuals that may otherwise not have time to go through a typical law school curriculum,” stated Mitch Grissim, the law firm’s founder. He graduated from the school himself and hopes to help future attorneys in Tennessee...

muvee Technologies spins off business

September 25, 2018

muvee Technologies Inc., the pioneer and leader in automatic video editing on mobile, has created a separate business,, to democratize the access to cutting-edge AI and computer vision image intelligence for photobook and photo gift companies. muvee has amassed 26 video, media analysis and storytelling patents and became the first video editing app company in the world when it developed Movie Director for the Nokia 7610, the world's first mobile phone which recorded video (circa 2005).  Two years ago, a team at muvee began using its nearly two decades of deep expertise to address the key impediments to photobook creation, culminating in the first preview of the Albumstory AI-SDK earlier this year. "When we started muvee in 2002, camcorder sales were growing and yet people weren't getting value out of their videos.  So we made it radically easier to produce bite-sized music video automatically by analyzing...

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Twin brothers discover how to eat fast food and still lose weight.

September 24, 2018


Walking in the Shadow(s) of Luis Barragán in Mexico City

September 25, 2018

Mexico-based activity operator, The Traveling Beetle, now offers daily architecture tours of Luis Barragán’s masterworks in Mexico City.Travel in a classic Beetle convertible or vintage VW bus, with a licensed architect as your guide, to follow the trail and discover the works of Luis Barragán, one of Mexico’s most influential figures in Modern architecture. From the Cuadra San Cristóbal and Casa Gilardi to Casa Prieto López and Las Capuchinas convent, The Traveling Beetle offers architecture buffs more ways than ever to discover or rediscover the father of "Emotional Architecture". Starting this October, The Traveling Beetle will increase the frequency of its private and small group tours so that travelers intrigued by architecture have more opportunities to gain insight into the life and work of architect and Pritzker laureate, Luis Barragán. The Traveling Beetle’s Luis Barragán Tour will now be available daily, either on a private or...

TedsWoodworking Launches Lifetime Free Membership For New Customers

September 25, 2018

Texas company TedsWoodworking launches free lifetime membership for new customers. The membership includes free lifetime supply of woodworking tutorials and detailed plans every month. Texas company TedsWoodworking is proud to announce the launch of its free lifetime membership program designed to give back to loyal and new customers.TedsWoodworking will provide one-off customers with a lifetime supply of creative and interesting designs for a variety of woodworking projects.The decision to give back to customers comes in the wake of the company's 16,000th downloadable plan on the website.Years of frustration looking at badly drawn plans have carved the company's motto to 'Build anything you want to build out of wood, easily and effortlessly'.This philosophy has driven TedsWoodworking to accumulate the biggest library of elaborate plans and tutorials on thousands of different wood-working projects for the professional and hobbyist alike.The...

Saudi based Al Hokair aims to play a major role in SAR 147 billion virtual reality market

September 24, 2018

After recently embarking on the world of Cinema’s, Al Hokair Entertainment, one of the leading family entertainment organisations in the region, is now planning to establish its footprint within the global SAR 147 billion virtual reality gaming sector. With 91 active entertainment centers, under Al Hokair’s key entertainment brand ‘Sparky’s’, the group will now focus on embedding their centres with comprehensive virtual reality (VR) gaming zones.  Virtual reality gaming is where a gamer can experience an interactive three-dimensional virtual reality environment. In particular, VR gaming opens up a three-dimensional space and opportunity to interact with the virtual environment, to manipulate virtual objects.   “We are getting ready for the...

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